Lhasa nightlife is very colorful full of stories. And you can always find the way you like to spend the beautiful night in Lhasa. In another word, Lhasa nightlife is an indispensable part of your Tibet tours. No matter where you come from, Lhasa is a great city to meet interesting travelers all over the world. Join in our Lhasa Group Tour now!

Lhasa Nightlife-Enjoy Potala Palace Night View

The simplest way of spend the night in Lhasa is enjoying the night view of Potala Palace. Standing in the square in front of Potala Palace, you can see the magnificent view of the palace. Also, there are many people dancing in the square. So, the atmosphere is very pleasant. Moreover, you can enjoy the musical fountain. The performing time is from 20:30 to 21:30 at night.

Potala Palace Night View, Lhasa Nightlife
Potala Palace Night View


Lhasa Nightlife-Go to Local Bar and Relax

As a world tourist city, Lhasa attracts numerous travelers from different countries. There are many characteristic bars, restaurants, bookshops in Beijing East Road close to Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street. So, you can always find suitable bars to have a beer and chat with your friends.

Low House Music Bar, Lhasa Nightlife
Low House Music Bar


Lhasa Nightlife-Watch Tibetan Dance and Sing

When in Lhasa, you cannot miss Tibetan dance and sing. And at night, many bars and dance halls have the performances. But if you want to take some time to view a magnificent Cultural Show, I recommend you see Princess Wencheng Cultural Show. It tells the story of Princess Wencheng and Songtsen Gampo. The stage is very fantastic. And the performance blend in Tibetan dance and natural backdrop, which is unique to watch.

Princess Wencheng Cultural Show
Tibetan Princess Wencheng Cultural Show

Lhasa Nightlife-Eat at Night Market

If you want to have some barbecues at night, you have many choices in Lhasa. In Tian Hai Night Market, there are many barbecue restaurants varying from Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan flavors. However, The taste is kind of salty. So you have to order some drinks or water. And you can see Tibetan watermelon there, whic is worth tasting.

Tian Hai Night Market, Lhasa Nightlife
Tian Hai Night Market


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