Lhasa Supermarkets- where to buy in Lhasa city
Lhasa Supermarkets-Baiyi Supermarket

 4 main Lhasa Supermarkets

Lhasa Supermarkets-Some people may have trouble to buy their necessary stuffs in Lhasa city, because they can’t find big supermarkets in Lhasa. And here is good news for travelers! I have listed several big supermarkets that are well distributed in the city. Furthermore, along with the development of Tibet, you can buy almost everything you need in Lhasa just as in any other big cities of China.


Lhasa Baiyi supermarket

As one famous supermarket in downtown Lhasa, Baiyi supermarket, offers wide range of imported goods and Tibetan specialties. Therefore, you can purchase not only common goods of daily life, but also Tibetan-style food and goods. What’s more,  it is next to Lhasa Department Store, boasts Lhasa’s best range of foodstuffs.

Location: Xijiao Branch (West suburb of Lhasa Branch), 46 Beijing Zhonglu, Lhasa (Moreover, there are many Baiyi supermarkets in Lhasa city. This is only one of them.)

Tel:  0891-6881284

Lhasa Hongyan Supermarkets

Just like other cities in China, Lhasa also has Hongyan supermarkets in town. There are three main Hongyan supermarkets in Lhasa city as below.

Location 1: Mid-section of Beijing Zhonglu, Lhasa

Tel: 0891-6320018

Location 2: Xuexin Village, Lhasa

Tel: 0891-6820516

Location 3: Jiangsu Lu, Lhasa

Tel: 0891-6360765

Lhasa Sifang Supermarket


 The Lhasa Sifang supermarket is with good location for it is only about 8 minutes walk to Potala Palace or Jokhang Temple. Meanwhile it is a big supermarket with relatively low price.

Lhasa Norling Supermarket

There are a few Tibetan-run Nepali supermarkets that sells imported chocolate, Indian spices and peanut butter. Besides, this supermarket is next to Muslim quarter.

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