Extensive and Highlight Lhasa Tour Packages 2017-2018

Welcome to Book Lhasa Tour. Lhasa, the capital city in Tibet, is an essential vibrant multicultural city now in China. It is also the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism, cultural and economic center of Tibet. Lhasa is usually chosen as the first stop for travelers who are interested in a Tibet tour as it has flights and trains connect with other domestic cities, such as Chengdu, Beijing and Xian, etc.

If you have a tight time schedule of your Tibet tour, this Lhasa tour is the best option. First, this city’s altitude is only 3,700 m which is easy for travelers to get acclimatized. Second, Lhasa has many famous highlight attractions of Tibet, such as Potala Palace, Barkhor Street, Jokhang Monastery, Sera Monastery, etc. Last but not least, in Lhasa, you can have more flexible opportunities to choose dinning places, accommodations and shopping centers.

If you want to travel to further places, like Shigatse, Ngari and Mt. Everest, Lhasa is also the best choice for your first stop as you can first get acclimatized here and later you can find experienced guide and drivers who can help you with all necessary permits and transfer you safely to your final destination.

As an experienced Tibet travel agency operating more than 14 years, we are glad to offer you the best affordable and enjoyable Lhasa Tour packages. You can check the following products which covering the best attractions in Lhasa and surrounding villages for detail information. If you want to have a personalized itinerary, please contact us directly.

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