Tibet Promotes Lhasa Winter Topic Travel Routes
Lalu wetland for Lhasa winter travel routes

Lhasa winter travel routes include sunlight tour, starry sky tour, migrant birds tour, hot spring tour and festival tour.


Highlighted Lhasa Winter Travel Routes

Sufficent sunlight is the advantage of Lhasa. So it will leverage the sunlight and open Sunlight Yard. The yard will combine different leisure activities. Drinking sweet tea, making handicrafts and painting Tangka are very popular. Besides sunlight, Lhasa  is going to promote Hot Spring tour. The main routes include Yambajan, Tidrum Hot Spring and etc. Also, birdwatching tour is a big feature. The main routes include Dragon Lake Park, Lalu Wetland, and Pengbo Black-necked Crane Reserve. In addition, for people who want to see the starry sky,  you can not miss Lake Namsto.

Besides natural routes, there are traditional festival routes. For example, Tibetan New Year is coming. But the mature route is still under construction, hopefully in recent years, Lhasa will provide festival tour routes.


Advantage of Lhasa Winter Travel Routes

The highlights of winter travel in Tibet are different sceneries from summer. Also, there will be some substantial discounts on hotel prices and attraction entry fees. So tourists who cannot come to Tibet in high season can make it up in winter. Read more on Lhasa Low Season Group Tour.


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