Lhasa Xining Train Travel
Lhasa Xining Train Travel

Lhasa Xining Train Travel- Even though there are many trains for Lhasa from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, the most frequent train for Lhasa is from Xining. There are about 5 trains head to Lhasa every day. Therefore, travelers from home and abroad can easily catch the train to Lhasa. However, the direct Xining-Lhasa train is not daily but every other day.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Lhasa Xining Train Travel

Qinghai-Tibet Railway Z6801(Direct) Distance  Arrival Time  Departure Time  Duration 
Xining West 0 km ~ 14:05 ~
Delingha 521 km 18:07 18:13 6 mins
Golmud 830 km 20:57 21:22 25 mins
Amdo 1524 km 5:34 5:38 4 mins
Nagqu 1650 km 6:57 7:03 6 mins
Damxung 1808 km 8:39 8:43 4 mins
Lhasa 1972 km 12:00 ~ ~

The other trains passing through Xining are Z223 Chongqing North-Lhasa, Z21 Beijing West-Lhasa, Z265 Guangzhou-Lhasa and Z165 Shanghai-Lhasa.

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