List of Top 15 Tibet Attractions
Top Tibet Attractions-Mount Kailash

Tibet, the holyland, is always the dream of travel lovers. With an average elevation of 4,900 meters, Tibet plateau is a mysterious and exotic place with stunning landscape and classic Tibetan Buddhism culture. There are hundreds of monasteries and temples, sacred lakes and mountains in Tibet. For example, Mount Kailash, the most holy mountain in Tibet, is also the most holy pilgrimage destination in Tibet which appeals to thousands of travellers every year. And Mount Everest, Earth’s highest mountain (8,844.43 meters) is always a popular destination for climbers who want to challenge themselves. If you don’t want to miss the best places in Tibet, then please read the list of top 15 must-see attractions in Tibet as below.

List of Top 15 Must-see Attractions in Tibet: Attractions Name List & Entrance Tickets Fee (Reference Only)

Attraction Name List
(in English)
Attraction Name List
(in Chinese)
Admission Fee (Reference Only)
1Potala Palace布达拉宫200 RMB
2Jokhang Temple大昭寺85 RMB
3Mount Kailash冈仁波齐山50 RMB
4Everest Base Camp珠峰大本营180 RMB
5Ganden Monastery甘丹寺50 RMB
6Barkhor Street八廊街/八角街Free
7Pelkor Choede Kumbum白居寺60 RMB
8Namtso Lake纳木错120 RMB
9Norbulinka罗布林卡60 RMB
10Yamdrok Lake羊湖40 RMB
11Lake Manasarovar玛旁雍措150 RMB
12Sera Monastery色拉寺55 RMB
13Drepung Monastery哲蚌寺60 RMB
14Tashilunpo Monastery扎什伦布寺80 RMB
15Yumbulagang Palace雍布拉康80 RMB

Wish all foreign travellers can have a good time travelling in China. If you are interested in a Tibet tour, please feel free to contact our local travel agency and we will help you to organize a suitable trip in Tibet.

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