How to travel in Tibet?Local Tibetan Guide Explains Important Tibet Travel Tips
Local Tibetan guide chatting with guests

Tibet is a sacred and magical place that attracts countless people every year. But for some people who visit Tibet at the first time, they barely know how to travel and what to do in Tibet. So, it is definitely a wise decision to choose a local Tibetan guide with license.

Win-Win solution to hire local Tibetan guide

  Some Tibetans were born in poor families and had a bad living quality in past few years. However, since the Tibet tour has become popular, many Tibetans employed by local travel agencies. In other words, they make a living by being hired as tour guide and serve travelers with their deep-rooted knowledge of Tibet. Besides, some of them have learned English for years. So they can guide foreign travelers once they got their English Guide Certificate. It is both beneficial for Tibetan guide and foreign travelers. Tibetan guide earns money by serving them, and the travelers get good services and wonderful  experiences by paying them. Meanwhile it also promotes local social and economic development. So, it is absolutely a win-win solution.

Local Tibetan guide with guests
Local Tibetan guide with guests

High-quality customer service of local Tibetan guides

If you are planning a Tibet travel, you’d better hire a Tibetan Guide with license. Then, you are worriless about the whole Tibet trip. Because the guide will lead you to visit highlight attractions of Tibet and explain to you with the backgrounds, histories and even Buddhism knowledge related. Worth to mention, all of the Tibetan guides in our agency are qualified with years of working experience in this field. Thus, they are very professional and reliable, due to their deep-rooted knowledge and rich experience of Tibet. What’s more, our Tibetan guides are well selected according to different travelers’ requirements. Therefore, you can completely trust us and our local Tibetan guide will bring you an unforgettable Tibet trip. Welcome to Tibet!

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