Lost Civilization, Mysterious Guge Kingdom
Tibet Photo Tour-The Ruins of Mysterious Guge Kingdom

About 300 years ago, the mysterious Guge Kingdom disappeared overnight. Today, only the ruins remained that recorded the splendid culture and artistic achievements of Guge Kingdom.

Guge was an ancient kingdom in western Tibet, Ngari Prefecture, not far away from Mount Kailash. The predecessor of Guge can be dating back to Xiangxiong Kingdom, after the collapse of Tubo Kingdom, the establishment of the Guge Kingdom started in the 10th century. In the 17th century, western missionaries came here during a time of internal turmoil.

The feud between the king and his brother led to the king’s death. There are two versions to the story of how he died. One was that the king jumped down the cliff and died, then enemies invaded the kingdom. The other one was that the King surrendered for saving his people. But the most mysterious part is why such a mature, splendid culture had completely disappeared in one night. In centuries, mankind seldom know its existence, no human damage to the buildings and streets, no wiping to the mural and artistic style, no modifying to its text and religion, it even retained the destruction scene of that time, what we don’t understand is how did this happen overnight?

Since the ruins have been discovered, many people have attempted to find out the cause of its disappearance. Though people tried so hard to find the answers, the disappearance of Guge Kingdom remained an unsolved mysteries of Tibet. Today, the ruins of Guge Kingdom is more likely a cultural relic for people who want to have a Tibet culture tour or take a close look of the lost civilization.

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