Low-season Tibet Winter Travel 2018
Low-season Tibet Winter Travel 2018

Winter is generally considered the low season of Tibet travel. More and more travelers choose to travel Tibet in the low season of winter other than the peak season of summer. Especially so for travellers who are used to cold weather at their home countries. Here below Tibet Travel Expert of Tibet Ctrip Travel Service Team shares some insider tips about low-season Tibet travel in winter of 2018.

Benefits of Tibet Winter Travel 2018

Winters are not that cold in Tibet

From November to March is the winter season of Tibet. the average temperature in the winter of Tibet ranges from 10-18 degree centigrade along with warm sunlight. Though Tibet is cold in winter, but during daylight there is beautiful and warm sunshine, warmer than most cities in China.

Less Tourist Crowds

There are often huge tourist crowd in winter during the peak season of summer. By traveling Tibet in winter, you can avoid such hustle and bustle. To travel Tibet in winter, there is much less tourists in Tibet. You can visit our attractions at a more relaxed pace and atmosphere without much disturbance. Especially so for Potala Palace, who has limited 1 hour visiting time in peak season, but not so in winter. You will see more Tibetan pilgrims rather than tourisits.

Cheaper to Travel Tibet in Winter

Tibet is in general a bit pricy to travel due to political and geographical reasons. To travel Tibet in the low-season of winter is of good value. Airlines, attractions, travel-vehicles and guides, all cost much less compare to peak season. Nearly 20% or so can be saved to travel Tibet in the low season of winter.

Lhasa-bound Train & Flights are Cheaper in Winter

Because of less tourists, the Lhasa-bound trains and flights are cheaper and easier to book than in peak season.

Destinations of Tibet Winter Travel 2018

The main destinations of Tibet travel in winter are focus on Lhasa and its surrounding areas, where the altitude is relatively lower. In the daylight under the sunlight, the average temperature is around 10 degrees. During the night, the temperature will drop rapidly to around 0 degree centigrade. And the air is especially dry at night which can sometimes leads to nose bleeding.

ITINERARY of Tibet Winter Travel 2018

Some travellers worry about acclimatization in winter of Tibet. But with a little extra care of the itinerary, this concern can be easily avoided. The tricks are to stay in Lhasa at least 2 or 3 nights before move on to places where altitudes are higher, and to travel around central Tibet. Please click to check our best-selling Tibet winter tours.

Advices for Tibet Winter Travel 2018

Besides the benefits to travel Tibet in winter, here are of course some advices which will make your Tibet winter travel a pleasant one.

– Prepare enough warm clothes to protect youself from the cold of Tibet winter

– Lip balm, sunscreens, glacier caps, sunglasses and other products for skin care should be kept for preventing intensive snow blindness and sunshine

– Keep a camera that has an ultraviolet filter that will help you to take perfect pictures. During winters, ultra violet rays are strong in Tibet. Therefore this ultra violet filter will not make your pictures appear purple. If you are photographing against light, use flash lamps for storing light.

Tibet Travel Expert of Tibet Ctrip Travel Service Team is experienced in arranging Tibet winter tours. Please get in touch with us via email, Inquiry@tibettravelexpert.com, to find out more insider tips.

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