Lost in the Paradise: Lulang Forest in Tibet
Tibetan Lulang Forest

If you want to find a place with massive primitive forest and wild rhododendron, I will recommend Lulang Forest in Nyingchi, Tibet for you. It is an area of plateau forest with a length of 15 km and a width of 1 km. The altitude of Lulang Forest is 3,700 meters. There are crossing rivers, flowing streams and springs with various kinds of wild flowers growing on the grassland. From the distance, snow-capped mountains, glaciers surround the area. With fogs and smokes, the place is like a paradise in the land. You will not miss home when you come here and want to stay for one more minute to be fully immersed in the picturesque paradise.


 Lulang hot pot chicken

Besides the mesmerizing natural view, local cuisine like Chicken in Stone Pot is also popular among visitors. It is noteworthy that only Menba people from Mutuo County can produce this kind of stone pot. What’s more, the stone pot contains more than 17 kinds of minerals and can retain the heat well. Besides chicken, the ingredients include Gymnadenia Conopsea in the soup, which makes the dish very nutritious. Moreover, the taste is very unique with fragrance of medical herb and the chicken is very tender. Now there are many local restaruants cook Chicken in Stone Pot. After seeing so beautiful sceneries, you may have a taste of it and your stomach will definitely love the place, too!


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