Makye Ame, the Restaurant with Love Story in Lhasa, Tibet

Makye Ame Restaurant

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Name: Makye Ame Restaurant in Lhasa

Location: Barkhor Street  

Contact number: 0891-6328608

decoration picture in Makye Ame
The decoration picture in Makye Ame

Many people come to Makye Ame not just to taste the local Tibetan food, but for the love story behind this restaurant. It is said that this normal three-stories building was the place where Tshangs-dbyangs-rgya-mtsho met his love, Makye Ame.

This restaurant is very popular that you have to wait in lines if you went there after 5pm. The decoration of Makye Ame is full of Tibetan style. You can see Tibetan cabinets, coaches and decorative pictures everywhere. People here are from all over the world. They sit on the old Tibetan chairs with a cup of hot tea, and share their travel stories with each other. Maybe some of them are just recalling the beautiful love story that happened here in Tibet 300 years ago between shangs-dbyangs-rgya-mtsho and Makye Ame.

The cuisines here are mainly Tibetan, India and Nepal style. My favorite food are Roast Beef, Grassland Grilled Mushroom and Yoghurt Cake. I highly recommend you to try different cuisines and share them with your families or friends. Don’t worry, they have English menus. So the language won’t be a barrier between you and the delicious food. 🙂

Grilled mushroom from Makye Ame

Grassland Grilled Mushroom, it is a must-eat.

the atmosphere in Makye Ame
The atmosphere in Makye Ame.

You can enjoy whole afternoon here with tasty milk tea and warm sunshine 


Part of the menu and the price.

Worth to notice that each customer needs to spend at least 68 RMB in the restaurant. (The price may be changed right now, you can ask first before you decide to eat here.) For more travel information, you are welcome to contact Lhasa based Tibet travel agency.

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