Monasteries and Temples in Tibet
Monasteries and Temples in Tibet-Samye Monastery

Tibet is homeland of numerous Buddhist monasteries. Myterious Tibetan Buddhism appeals to lots of travellers around the world to travel come here. As another unique feature of Tibet, Tibetan monasteries and temples attract lots of foreign travllers all year around. In Lhasa, you can start your day with three great Gelugpa university monasteries: Observing monk debate in Sera Monastery; Hiking around Ganden Monastery and do the Kora; Enjoying Tibetan Shoton Festival in Drepung Monastery if you are lucky. Outside Lhasa, Samye Monastery, the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet is a must-see attraction in Lhokha region. Pelkor Chode Monastery and Sakya Monastery, these two typical Tibetan monasteries also enjoy high reputation that you should not miss. Rongbuk Monastery is the necessary attraction along the way to Everest Base Camp. Except these quite well-known monasteries, there are also lots of hidden monateries around Tibet. For travelers who are interested in Tibetan Buddhism, here our Tibet Travel Expert team select a list of almost all monasteries and temples in Tibet to help foreign travellers to learn more about Tibetan Buddhism. 

Tibetan Monasteries and Temples by Regions

Monastery Name List
(in English)
Monastery Name List
(in Chinese)
Admission Fee (Reference Only)
Lhasa Monasteries 1 Ani Tsangku Nunnery 仓姑寺 50 RMB
2 Cemanlin Temple 策满林寺 /
3 Cibalakang Temple 次巴拉康寺 Free
4 Dolma Lhakhang Temple 卓玛拉康寺 35 RMB
5 Drak Yerpa Monastery 扎耶巴寺 25 RMB
6 Drepung Monastery 哲蚌寺 60 RMB
7 Drigung Til Monastery 直贡梯寺 45 RMB
8 Ganden Monastery 甘丹寺 50 RMB
9 Great Mosque 大清真寺 Free
10 Jokhang Temple 大昭寺 85 RMB
11 Kundeling Temple 功德林寺 Free
12 Meru Nyingba  默如宁巴寺 /
13 Muru Temple 木如寺印经院 Free
14 Nalendra Monastery 那仁札寺 /
15 Nechung Monastery and Temple 25 RMB
16 Pabangka/Pabonka Monastery 帕邦喀寺 Free
17 Palalupu Temple 帕拉鲁布/查拉鲁普 20 RMB
18 Qusang Temple 曲桑寺/曲桑日追 Free
19 Ramoche Temple 小昭寺 35 RMB
20 Reting Monastery 热振寺 30 RMB
21 Sera Monastery 色拉寺 55 RMB
22 Shugsheb Nunnery 雄色寺 Free
23 Talung Monastery 达隆寺 /
24 Tidrum Nunnery 德仲寺 Free
25 Tsurphu Monastery 楚布寺 45 RMB
26 Xiamiyuan Temple 下密院寺 Free
27 Yangpachen Monastery 羊八井寺 Free
28 Zaki Temple/Grashi Monastery 扎基寺 Free
Shigatse Monasteries 1 Natang Monastery 纳塘寺 Free
2 Pelkor Chode Monastery 白居寺 60 RMB
3 Phuntsoling Monastery 平措林寺 Free
4 Ralung Monastery Free
5 Rongbuk Monastery 绒布寺 25 RMB
6 Sakya Monastery 萨迦寺 45 RMB
7 Shalu Monastery  夏鲁寺 40 RMB
8 Tashilunpo Monastery 扎什伦布寺 80 RMB
9 Yungdrungling Monastery 雍仲林寺 20 RMB
Shannan Prefecture/Lhokha Monasteries 1 Chim-puk Hermitage 青朴寺 /
2 Dorje Drak Monastery Free
3 Dratang Monastery 扎塘寺 Free
4 Gonggar Chode Monastery 贡嘎曲德寺 20 RMB
5 Mindroling Monastery 敏珠林寺 20 RMB
6 Samye Monastery 桑耶寺 Free for entering
7 Sandin Temple 桑丁寺 30 RMB
8 Trandruk Monastery 昌珠寺 70 RMB
Nyingchi Monasteries 1 Buchu Monastery /
2 Lamaling Temple 喇嘛林寺 15 RMB
Ngari Monasteries 1 Chiu Monastery 即乌寺 /
2 Gossul Monastery 果热寺 /
3 Korjak Monastery /
4 Tholing Monastery 托林寺 50 RMB
5 Trithapuri Monastery 芝达布日寺 Free
Nagchu Monasteries 1 Tashi Dor Monastery 扎西岛寺 Free
2 Tsanden Monastery Free
Chamdo Monasteries 1 Galden Jampaling Monastery 强巴林寺 Free
2 Kamaduo Stupas Free
3 Riwoqe Monastery 类乌齐寺 Free
4 Wara Monastery 瓦拉寺 Free

Hope all foreign travellers can have a good time in Tibet. If you are interested in a Tibetan monastery tour or any other Tibet tours, please feel free to contact our local travel agency and we will help you to organize a suitable trip in Tibet.


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