A Mountaineering Certer to Serve Travelers in Tibet
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Mountaineering Centre in Tibet

According to China Daily, government is planning to build a Mountaineering centre in Gangkar Township, which closes to the northern slope of Qomolangma or Mt. Everest. This Mountaineering centre is aimed at boosting Tibet economy and growing the mountaineering industry because it will create job opportunities for local people and attracts more tourists and professional mountaineers.

It is a great news to Tibet travelers as this centre will cater to mountaineers, paragliders, skiers and tour guides. Because the centre will obtain medical services, various travel agencies and helicopter rescue base. “There will also be a mountaineering museum; rental and repair centres for cars, motorbikes and bicycles; and restaurants and accommodation,” said Myima Tsering, the regional sports bureau’s deputy director. He also mentioned that this new centre will cooperate with Nepalese authorities, which will provide travelers better travelling experience.

The mountaineering centre will cost more than $14.7 million and cover about 84, 230 square meters. It is going to start construction in 2017 and complete in 2019. Let’s look forward to it. For more recent Tibet travel information, you can contact the local travel agency.

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