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When I was still a sophomore student four years ago, I went to Tibet with my friend. Before travelling, we read a lot of travel experiences and tips online. We found these experiences and tips were very useful during our whole trip in Tibet. Therefore, we would like to share our own authentic experiences and detailed plan with you here and I hope it will be meaningful to you.

Before travelling – Preparation

One month before heading to Lhasa, I made a training plan for myself in order to overcome the upcoming altitude sickness in Tibet. I did a lot of physical exercises and ran around 5KM every night just to make sure that my body is strong enough to face some unexpected situations. Also, I ate Herba Rhodiolae every day in order to increase the stamina of hypoxia campaign.

Meanwhile, I read a lot of travel experiences and discussed them with my friends, later we made our own simple travel plan.


Date Sightseeing Hotel Transportation
Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa Hostel in Lhasa Train
Day 2 Potala Palace, Barkhor streets, Tibetan tea house Hostel in Lhasa On foot or taxi
Day 3 Sera Monastery and explore Lhasa city, Drive to Shigatse at the night Car Car
Day 4 Explore Shigatse Hostel in Shigatse Car
Day 5 Shigatese to E.B.C. Enjoy the landscape Car
Day 6 E.B.C Hotel Car, on foot
Day 7 E.B.C to Lhasa Car Car


As we were both student at that time, we decided to travel to Lhasa by train. Honestly, it was a bad idea as the train cost us around 48 hours for single trip. Not to mention the air in the train was really awful. So, I highly recommend you to choose flight as your first option. The flight ticket price ranges from 1000RMB to around 3000RMB from one Chinese domestic airport to Lhasa Gonggar airport. I suggest you to book it one month before leaving. Because it will be much cheaper than booking it just one or two days before. If you are worrying about the altitude sickness, you can choose to stay at Lhasa city for two days in order to suit the altitude. After your body fit the altitude, you can start exploring Tibet with your friends.

Almost forget to mention that I also booked the hostels/hotels one month before departure. The reason is that summer is the high-season in Lhasa, many hotels and hostels are fully booked during this period. Therefore, if you want to sleep well and have a good budget hotel room during the high season, you’d better book it as early as possible. Many friends asked me that when is the best season to visit Tibet. Well, in general, it is best to visit Tibet from mid-April to October. During this period, the weather is great and the oxygen content higher. The most important thing is that Tibet will celebrate some interesting festivals in summer, such as Sour Milk Festival. You don’t want miss that!

I am happy to share my Tibet travel experience with all travelers around the world. Stay in touch with us.




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