Namtso Day Tour Tips-Top Tips You Need to Know Before Namtso Travel
Namtso Lake, Lhasa 1day tour

Namtso Day Tour Tips -Climate

 In spring (March-May), the temperature at Namtso Lake is approximately 10-15, but it has great temperature difference between day and night. At night, it only has 10 below.  So if you are planning a

Namtso Day Tour Tips

Namtso day tour in spring, you’d better pack some warm clothes. In summer, the temperature at Namtso Lake is approximately 9-26. But it still has great temperature difference between day and night. So warm clothes is necessary for against clod at night. In winter, the temperature is only approximately 0-10, and he night temperature is minus 4,5 degrees Celsius. According to the ice situation in previous years, Namtso Lake is expected to begin to freeze by the end of this year to January next year.

Namtso Day Tour Tips -Road Condition

The road condition from Lhasa to Namtso is good , but you need to be careful if you are going to visit Namtso Lake in winter. Some roads of Tibet has speed limitations to ensure your safety in Plateau driving.

Namtso Day Tour Tips -Accommodation

 If you are planning a Namtso day tour, you have two options of accommodation. One is that go back to Lhasa city after visiting the fabulous lake.  The other one is that spend the night at guesthouse near the lakeside, then you can enjoy the stunning night views of Namtso Lake. If you are lucky, maybe you can view the beautiful sunset and Milky Way of Namtso. But the living condition is not so good due to its high elevation and cold weather. So you are suggest to go back to Lhasa by the sunset.

Namtso Day Tour Tips -Food in Namtso

There are restaurants in the Namtso Lake offering the typical Tibetan dishes and Tibetan yogurt. Absolutely you need to try the food there, and it is well worth trying.

Namtso Day Tour Tips- Best Travel Time

The best time to travel to Namtso Lake is from May to September, because the climate and road condition is suitable and the views are amazing at this period.

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