Timely updated news about Tibet tourism: Tibet travel policies and requirement change all the time, and sometimes it is difficult for travelers to keep up with them. As a local Lhasa travel agency who receives first-hand news about Tibet, we want to share the information to our guests so that you can plan your Tibet trip in a more effortless fashion. We update our Tibet travel blog every week, and we cover every topic about traveling in Tibet. Whether it is Tibet travel permit application, travel restrictions, road situation, Tibet train booking, or best attractions to visit in Tibet, you will find a lot of useful and practical information in our blog. If you can’t find information on something you are interested in, just shoot us an email to i[email protected], and you will get information from us immediately.

Latest Tibet Travel News Update 

Learn what is going on right now in Tibet? When can you travel to Tibet? Here are more Tibet Travel News Update by local tourism insider.

Tibet Travel Permits News Timely Updated information

Here we keep updating the latest Tibet travel news about Tibet permits policy, weather, group tours departures, road situation and Tibet tour promotional offer. As result it will be very helpful when you plan a Tibet tour.

  • Tibet travel permits news update on December 28, 2018: As it has been true that all foreign travelers wanting to travel to Tibet must need all necessary Tibet travel permits and visa documents, and there are even further tight restrictions on foreign people who work as government public service officials, diplomats, journalists, military personnel, etc and they almost do not have access to the sensitive Himalayan region. However, except for government officials and reporters, journalists and military service people, etc who have sensitive occupation, ordinary passports holders are still able to travel to Tibet with Tibet travel permits together with China visa (entering Tibet from mainland China) or Tibet group visa (for entry from Nepal). And all foreign travelers are forced to stay in strictly controlled accommodation which have all certificates to host foreign travelers, and during their entire travel in Tibet, legal travel agencies have to take full management and be responsible to update to authorities instantly that all foreign traveler’s daily tour activities are smooth and there is no any potential problem with regards to society stability.
  • Latest Tibet travel Permit ban for foreign travelers on Updated on Feb. 7th 2018: Breaking news about Tibet travel: We are sad to announce that Tibet will be closed for foreign travelers in just 3 days time (i.e from Feb.10 onward). This is however an annual Tibet closure. As one insider Tibet travel agency, we suggest all foreign travelers to avoid travelling in Tibet between Feb.10 and March 31. If you travel to Kailash in 2018, we suggest you arrive in Lhasa no earlier than April 17. But if your holiday schedule is fixed, you can plan a Tibetan Kham tour from our agency. We have many other optional unique travel destinations in whole China as well. Read further about our Tibet travel blog.

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