Ngari tours develop quickly in Tibet
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Ngari Tours Develop Quickly

Among all Tibet tours, Ngari tours are popular for prilgrims. Since every year thousands of pilgrims come to Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar for koras, it is a sacred place for them. Moreover, Guge Kingdom lies close to Mt. Kaialsh. For travelers desire to know ancient Tibetan culture, it is an attraction they cannot miss! In addition, if you drive from Xinjiang to Tibet, Ngari will provide your with more sceneries. For example, you can see Pangong Tso in the northwest of Rutog County.

Via great efforts from all sides, the service industry has developed very fast. It has received 480 thousand person time, with an increase of 56%. As to tourism, the total income has amounted to 579 million yuan, with an increase of 55%. The market is quite optimistic and Ngari is ready to welcome more tourists around the world.

Ngari Tours, landscape
Ngari Tours, landscape

Economic Achievement

As a relatively remote area in Tibet, Ngari is not very accessible in many people’s minds. However, in order to develop the area, local government paid a lot of attention. Through great effort, the economy has developed fast. From the past three quarters of 2006, its total output value has reached estimated 3 billion and 526 million yuan. And it accounts for 83.4% of the annual plan, with an increase of 17%.

Five Developing Concepts of Ngari

From this year, Ngari has insisted on five developing concepts “Innovation, Coordination, Green economy, Openness and Sharing”. Innovation means developing new ideas instead of old ways. Coordination means more cooperation between government, people, and entreprises. Green economy is popular Nowadays. Because Ngari has very primitive nature, we should protect it carefully without destroying. Under the lead of the five concepts, the results are positive. Among them, the husbandry production amounts to 520 million yuan in estimation. And it has increased by 6.1%. In addition, the industrial economy is growing steadily.  For example, the total value has achieved 145 million yuan in estimation and increased by 5.8%.

Source: Chinese Tibet News


As a professional local travel agency, we are happy to to see the fast economic development of Ngari area and the blooming tourism industry in Tibet. We will try our best to provide the best service to every customer coming to Tibet.

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