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Norway Tibet Travel News- Normalization of China and Norway

On the 19th of December, the Premier of Chinese Council, Li Keqiang met Norwegian Foreign Minister, Borge Brende in Beijing. Li stated that Norway was one of the western countries which established diplomatic relations with China. So he hoped the relationship between Norway and China can be strengthened. And Chinese government wanted to make efforts with the new government of Norway to open a new page of both countries. In addition, he welcomed Norway to invest in China.


Meanwhile, the Foreign Department of Norway announced that the diplomatic and political relationship between Norway and China were normalized. Norway would insist on One China Policy and respect Chinese core interests. And it would deepen the commercial cooperation with China including oil, hydroelectricity and etc.


After the meeting, both sides announced the statement of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Kingdom of Norway government Bilateral Relations Normalization. Therefore, this action had the historic meaning and spread positive information to the international community.


As a local Tibet travel agency, Tibet Travel Expert hopes the good news can promote Norway Tibet Travel. We hope Tibet travel permits can be available for Norwegians in recent years. And more and more Norwegian guests could have the chance for a Tibet tour.



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