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List of Nyingchi Accommodation & Hotels for Foreign Travelers-Hilton Linzhi Resort

Nyingchi, also known as “Nyingtri” or “Linzhi”. The hotels in Nyingchi are almost located in Bayi Town, the largest town along the travel route. For your convenience, Tibet Travel Expert has selected reputable Nyingchi accommodation based on TripAdvisor for our foreign clients. But, we’d like to kindly remind that foreign travellers do not expect hotels in Tibet as well as those at the same level in other big cities in China or in your country. Below is a list of some of recommended hotels in Nyingchi:

Nyingchi Accommodation for Foreign Travelers Recommended by Loca Travel Agency Arranged in Alphabetical Order

Star rating English Name Chinese Name Address
Luxury 5-Star Hotels in Nyingchi 1 Hilton Linzhi Resort 林芝工布庄园希尔顿酒店 Riga Village, Nyingchi County 860500, China
2 Nyingchi Meilin International Hotel 林芝美林国际酒店 No.30 Fangzhixin Street, Nyingchi County 860500, China
4-Star Hotels in Nyingchi 1 Bomi Wangshi Hotel 波密旺氏大酒店 Near to Zhamu Bridge, Zhamu Town,Nyingchi Tibet
2 Chongqing Cygnet Hotel 重庆小天鹅宾馆 No.240 Bayi Avenue
3 Mingzhu Hotel 明珠大酒店 Crossing of Guangfu Road, Middle Section of Binhe Avenue, Bayi Town, Nyingchi County
4 Minshan Grand Hotel 岷山大酒店 Middle Section of Binhe Avenue, Bayi Town, Nyingchi, Tibet
5 Nyingchi Fairyland Hotel 林芝东悦大酒店 55 Guangfu Road Bayi Town Nyingchi, Tibet
6 Nyingchi Fengqing Hotel 林芝风情大酒店 Middle Section of Fujian Road, Bayi Town, Nyingchi
7 Nyingchi Galongla Hotel 林芝嘎隆拉大酒店 No.16 Bayi Main Street, Nyingchi, Tibet
8 Nyingchi Impression Hotel 林芝印象酒店 Middle Section of Binhe Avenue, Nyingtri, Tibet
9 Shang Ba La Hotel 香帕拉酒店 No.50 Qizheng Road, Bayi Town, Nyingchi, Tibet
10 Tianyu Hidden Secret Theme Hotel 天宇藏秘主题酒店 South Binghe Avenue, Nyingchi County 860500, China
11 Yushanfu Hotel s 玉膳府大酒店 No.112 Guangzhou Avenue, Bayi Town, Nyingchi, Tibet
12 Zhonghai Garden Hotel 中海花园酒店 No.14 Nichi Middle Road, Bayi Town, Nyingchi, Tibet
3-Star Hotels in Nyingchi 1 Bomi Shanxia Hotel 波密山峡大酒店 Maoming Road , Bomi, Nyingchi Tibet
2 Himalaya Grand Valley Hotel 喜马拉雅大峡谷酒店 Pai Town, Nyingchi, Tibet
3 Hongtian Hotel 泓天大酒店 Baimagang, Nyingchi, Tibet
4 Jialong Hotel 嘉龙酒店 No.386 Guangdong Road, Bayi Town, Nyingchi, Tibet
5 Landu Hotel 蓝都宾馆 No.70 Yingbin Avenue, Nyingchi, Tibet
6 Mingwang Hotel 明旺大酒店 Fujian Road No.2,Bayi town,Nyingchi,Tibet
7 Nyingchi Business Hotel 林芝商务酒店 16 Guangzhou Avenue, Bayi Town, Nyingchi, Tibet
8 Nyingchi Fujian Hotel 林芝福建大酒店 No.14, Guangzhou Avenue, Bayi town, Nyingchi Tibet
9 Nyingchi Grand Canyon Hotel 林芝大峡谷酒店 No.16,Ziqiang Rd,Bayi Town, Nyingchi, Tibet
10 Shanshui Hotel 山水宾馆 Gongbu Road, Bayi Town, Nyingchi Tibet
2-Star Hotels in Nyingchi 1 Holiday Hotel 假日酒店 No.16 Nichi Middle Road, New Zone, Bayi Town, Nyingchi County 860002, China
Other Recommended Hotels & Hostels in Nyingchi 1 Bomi Phuntsok Khangsang Hotel 波密平措康桑度假酒店 Bomi, Nyingchi Tibet
2 Bomi Shenying Hotel 波密神鹰大酒店 Bomi, Nyingchi, Tibet
3 Botai Linzhi Grand Hotel 博泰林芝大酒店 No. 14, Guangzhou Avenue, Bayi Town, Nyingchi Tibet
4 Nyingchi Hotel 林芝宾馆 No.25 Shuangyong Road, Bayi New Village, Nyingchi County 860000, China

Wish all foreign travellers can have a good time travelling in Tibet. Check out more information about Nyingchi accommodation in Tibet Travel Expert.

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