Lake-Draksumtso Tibet-travel Attraction in Nyingchi
Lake-Draksumtso Tibet-travel Attraction in Nyingchi

Are you still looking for Tibet tourists attractions in Nyingchi prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)? Nyingchi (the township is Bayi) is about 410 km to the east of Lhasa, capital city of Tibet. And there are so much to explore. Before you go, maybe you will have the questions about travelling to Nyingchi. For example, what are the names of the famous attractions? How much is the Nyingchi tourists attraction fee? Are there some free entrance tickets in the whole region? Here local Tibet travel Expert Service team introduces the major tourists attractions in Nyingchi, Tibet. However these Tibet tickets entrance fee is just for reference, as the Tibet travel policy may keep changing and some attractions are even free in special period. Please read further.

Tibet Nyingchi Highlight Travel Attraction Name lists and Prices

Nyingchi1Midui Glacier 米堆冰川50 RMB
2Basumtso Lake 巴松错120 RMB
3Bonri Mountain 比日神山Free
4Buchu Monastery
5Giant Tree Park20 RMB
7Lamaling Temple 喇嘛林寺15 RMB
8Lulang Forest 鲁朗林海15 RMB
9Medog Nature Reserve 墨脱自然保护区
10Mount Namjagbarwa 南迦巴瓦峰Free
11Niyang River 尼洋河Free
12Segyi La Mountain 色季拉山
13Tashigang 扎西岗
14World King Cypress 世界柏树王园林20 RMB
15Xiuba Ancient Castle 秀巴古堡90 RMB
16Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon 雅鲁藏布大峡谷
17Zayu Nature Reserve 察隅自然保护区Free

Well the latest Tibet tourism promotional policy in 2018 says that the entrance tickets for most of Tibet are free by the end of April in 2018. And this will probably apply for every year in the same low tour season. And wish foreign travelers can choose the month from January to April to travel in Tibet. But please be noted that Tibet is annually closed between early February and end of March, so all foreign travelers can not get Tibet travel permits in this period of time. If you are interested in a Tibet tour, please feel free to contact our local Tibet tour agency.

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