An Overall View of Jokhang Temple
Jokhang Temple in Lhasa

If you want to have a Tibet tour, I would recommend Jokhang Temple in Lhasa for you.

An Overall View of Jokhang Temple

 Jokhang Temple, situated in central of old Lhasa, is a pretty mysterious place for many people. Constructed in the period of King Songtsen Gampo, it is the most important temple in Tibet with over 1000 years of history. There is an overall introduction of Jokhang Temple.


Carving& Architecture

 Intelligent Tibetans built Jokhang Temple in Tang Dynasty, so you can see the buildings with features of Tibetan nationality, Tang Dynasty, Nepal, and India.

 There are plenty of Buddhist statues in the temple. Here, you can see the precious statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, while there are merely three statue of Sakyamuni Buddha in the world today. And the carvings on the wall, columns are splendid artworks too.

Reli A Pearl on the Roof of the Worldgious worship

If you are a fan of Tibet, you must know how crazy  Buddist are here. Buddists spend a whole year going on a pilgrimage to Tibet. On this trip, they kneel down one step by one step, showing the faith in Buddhism. In this place, you can touch the Pray Wheels to pray for good luck.  

Old legends

 It is said that Tibetans decided to build Jokhang Temple in order to worship valuable Buddism statues. But according to another saying, Princess Wencheng said there was a female monster in Tibet, then Tibetans had to build some temples to guard Tibetan Plateau. Most importantly, the location of Jokhang Temple is the heart of the monster. However, you will hear more colorful stories in the Jokhang Temple.

Open hour: 9:00AM-18:00PM

Price: 85 yuan(14$)     


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