Brief Introduction

Peiku-tso Lake lies in Nyalam County, 250 km from Tingri County. And it is the largest lake in Shigatse area covering over 300 square kilometers. The elevation from the lake surface is 4,590 meters. The lake is surrounded by mountains from three sides. There are many wild animals around the lake, such as horses, antelopes, donkeys, ducks, cranes, etc. Especially in deep autumn, birds fly and rest on the lakeside. Therefore, the lake view is beautiful with the vivid animals. It is worth a visit when you travel to Tibet.

Peiku-tso Lake
Peiku-tso Lake surrounded by mountains


Scenery of Peiku-tso Lake

Peiku-tso Lake is in the 60km north of Shishapangma, the 14th highest mountain in the world. Thus, you can see its reflection on the lake. Moreover, you can hear the sound from Yarlung Zangpo River about 40km from the river. With the stunning view of the mountain and gentle whisper from the river, you will enjoy the time near the lake.


Travel Tips

The best time to visit Peiku-tso is spring and autumn. The sunshine is strong during the day time, so you had better bring sunscreen and a hat to protect from the sun. In addition, the temperature difference is big between the day and the night. So, please bring some warm clothes in case the low temperature in the night.


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