How to Use Tibet Travel Permit for Foreign Travelers

Tibet Travel Permits for Entry First Page
Tibet Travel Permits for Entry First Page

Well as is known to all that all foreign travelers need accurate Tibet travel permit to explore Tibet legally. This post helps answers where the travelers receive their Tibet permit and how they will use it.

Every foreign traveler that is planning an adventure to Tibet will need to work carefully with a local tour agency, as no foreign travelers can travel Tibet independently. Once one makes travel arrangements with a tour agency and has all necessary things arranged, the tour agency will assist with the application of the Tibet travel permit. These permits take approximately two to four weeks to receive, so every foreign traveler needs to plan their trips well in advance.

Where to Receive the Tibet Permit

Once the application process has been completed, the traveler will need to wait for their Tibet travel permit before they can board a train or airplane to Tibet from any cities in China. People should let their travel agency know where they are staying once they arrive in a city in China, so that their Tibet travel permit can be delivered to the hotel before leaving for Tibet either by train or flight. Most tour agencies will deliver the entry permit to the hotels, but a select few will meet their guests at the train station or airport to give it to them there.

Where the Tibet Travel Permit will be Checked?

  • All physical Tibet entry travel permits will be checked at the departure airport in China, and this is the same rule for foreign travelers taking train to Lhasa from Chongqing, Xi’an and Lanzhou. However, if travelers take the train from other cities in China to Lhasa, a photo copy of the permits will work. Furthermore when foreign travelers board the plane from Kathmandu to Lhasa, they will just need Tibet group visa at Kathmandu airport, while the Tibetan tour guide will hold the physical permits to meet travelers at Lhasa airport. Once a person arrives in Tibet, their Tibet travel permit will be checked again when they check into their hotel. So be sure in every case, you will have to ensure you have permits properly applied in advance with a local Tibet travel agency.
  • After that, people should expect their Tibet travel permit to be checked when they enter Lhasa and any time that some police asks for it. Most of the time, no one will ask for proof of the travel permit, but everyone should be able to provide them when asked. In fact, to make the entire process easier, the tour guide should be given all the travel permits, so that they can hand everything over if necessary. The tour guides can keep the travel permits safe and then no one will need to worry about misplacing their own.
  • The tour guides can also hold on to any additional permits that are needed for the trip, as certain regions of Tibet require an alien’s travel permit. These specific travel permits cannot be applied for until a person arrives in Tibet, but the tour guides will know if they are needed and can assist everyone with the application process.

Many people may find the Tibet travel permit process difficult in the beginning, because there are so many things to remember. However, once the application process is completed, everything should go smoothly for the duration of the trip. If you have any questions regarding to Tibet travel permit, please feel free to contact us.

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