People Repaint Potala Palace Lately
Repaint Potala Palace

Local people repaint Potala Palace at the end of this October. In this period, the rainy season is coming to an end. So people start the annual Potala Palace repainting activity. They add milk, honey, and sugar into the paint to increase its viscosity. In order to beautify and protect Potala Palace, hundreds of people volunteer for the activity. Also, it is a way to show their devoutness to Buddhism. After painting the exterior wall of the palace, workers will also paint the window frame and white pagoda. In order to secure their safety,they use ropes tied around their waists and spray the paint to the wall. So it is a technical work with much courage. Thus, there is a long line waiting on the stairs of the palace.


For welcoming the upcoming Buddha Descent Day, people need finish the repaint work before the 22nd of the ninth month in Tibet calendar. After the repainting work, Potala Palace will see tourists from all over the world with new clothes.


Source and Photo by: Xinhua Net


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