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Explore Tibet with local Tibetan Native Travel Services

When planning a Tibet holiday, the most successful travelers keep in mind the importance of a quality Tibetan guide. Tibet Travel Expert Service ( encourages foreign visitors to travel with native Tibetans; not only do we provide the most authentic perspective but also we support the Tibetan community. Local Tibet travel agency We have begun expanding our website to help travelers get to know who you’ll be travelling with and why you should travel with our Tibet Native Travel Service.

All of our Tibetan travel guides are native Tibetan with several years of experience guiding western clients. And all of our Tibet tour drivers are Tibet Native as well. While experience is an important part of the equation it’s their knowledge of Tibetan culture and history and passion for sharing it that’s key to an unforgettable Tibetan travel experience while travelling in Tibet.

However, every year there are lots of western travelers or Asian travelers who want to book tours with their own country based travel organizers. On the one hand, the price would be much higher than booking directly from a reliable Tibet travel agency in Lhasa. Why? because your own countries agencies or organizers are middle handlers and even though they may deal the Tibet tours with local reputable agencies for quality services, the prices are regularly 30-50% higher than local prices. On the other hand, the information you get from your side would be somehow quite different from Lhasa based travel agency and operator.

Tibet Native Travel Prices cannot be Overseas or China Mainland middle Handler’s Prices

Further more, when you bargain the tour price, you will need to base it on the identical Tibet travel packages. Tibet tour price is very seasonal and group size sensitive because of the expensive transportation costs in Tibet tourism. Sometimes, for example, the price of US$800-900 per person for standard 8 days Everest base camp group tour would be expensive because of big group size. Price around 950 USD for a smaller size EBC group tour would be much more comfortable and with much higher value. So you will need to compare Tibet tour and services carefully and find the core values of the trip.

Now that the 2019 travel season is here be on the look out for more about Tibet native travel services! Want to explore Tibet? why not start here?

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