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Reputable and Reliable Tibetan Owned Travel Agency Websites Lists & Recommendation

Every traveler wants to find a reliable Tibet travel agency with reasonable offer for their Tibet trip. However, when you search online, there are hundreds of Tibet travel agencies to choose from for your Tibet tour. So here please read more details on how to select a reputable and safe Tibetan travel agency with native guides. Because to explore the highland of Tibet, you have many reliable options to travel smarter and cheaper.

Everyday we receive inquiries from around the world asking us to design Tibet tours. In this way can they easily compare the price and services to choose which Tibetan owned travel agency to use while traveling to Tibet.

Tibet travel policy requests you to book some necessary services with local travel agent.

  • 1. All foreigners travelling to the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR of China) must have all necessary Tibet travel permits to enter Tibet.
  • 2. Foreign travelers can have some free days time in Lhasa to get some acclimatization. In these free days time, a guide is not necessary needed. Therefore, you do not have to pay a guide service fee. You can easily walk in the small downtown of Lhasa by yourself. This is guaranteed no problem. However in these free days time, it is just for your free time in Lhasa. It is not legal to enter any tour sites by yourself without a guide. Although sometimes people do sneak in, we do not recommend it at all.
  • 3. When foreign travelers go out of Lhasa to any other towns or cities such as Lake Yamdrok, Gyantse, Shigatse, Kailash, Everest Base Camp, Nyingchi, Namtso, etc, a legal tourism licensed vehicle is a must needed service, so is the Tibet tour guide. If not, no Tibet travel agency accepts your Tibet tour booking.
  • 4. Foreign travelers can book hotels by themselves, and also pay entrance tickets by themselves. So to make your trip more controllable by yourself, it is the best not to ask agency to include everything in your tour package. You can do many itemized booking by yourself. If you want to support Tibetan society via travelling, you can try to deal with the hotels separately, deal with the English speaking driver/as guide separately, book tickets by yourself. If it is not convenient for you to find the direct resources, you can book those itemized services from, since this websites collected many local Tibetan guides, Tibetan driver and car rentals, Tibetan reputable hotels and all these services are by local and price is cheaper than you book any combined package from any agencies here in Tibet.

How to select some reputable Tibet travel agency websites, here let Tibet tourism insider walk you through some easy tips.

  • 1) Find the reputable Tibet travel agencies on TripAdvisor which have many 5 star reviews, but there are many Tibetan owned travel agencies which do not have as many reviews as few Chinese owned websites. Because the internet websites development in Tibet is far behind mainland China, many local nice Tibetan agencies can not boost their business because of poor internet websites promotion skills. And most local Tibet travel agencies do not like to do massive google Ad-words advertisement, because they only focus more on services quality and the very fair local prices. These websites we can recommend to you:,,


  • 2) There are also some overseas foreign people owned Tibet travel websites. They can be blogs with higher category tour definition. Some focus on specified tour types such as Kailash tours, photography tours, trekking adventures,etc with multi destinations combination of Nepal, Bhutan, and international air tickets, visa, etc. Their tours are normally much more expensive in our local tour operator’s point of view. But expensive things can give you more guarantee on service, why not trust them? However, with internet development worldwide, you do not have to book long tours being packed with many things by these kind of full and expensive tour packages, so you do have many ways to avoid high priced tours, this is especially true for Tibet travel destination.


  • 3) Many Chinese owned Tibet travel websites actually do lots of google ad-words and have very poor service quality, but a few of them are still reliable, as those few websites also have lots and lots of travelers and have many good reviews. Normally these Chinese tour operators know very well about how to make full advantage of local tourism resources. They make their websites look very local. But most of their travel consultants have never even been to Tibet before. On the other hand, most other smaller and less reputable Chinese owned websites even have no any google search results but they spend much of your travel money on advertisement, once tour confirmed, they just hand your tours to local tour operators and pay very poorly to local Tibetan guides and driver staff. If you are looking for these travel websites, we never even want to suggest you to read their copied information. So be careful to avoid these things.

Tibet travel expert is a local travel agent and operator. All our guides and drivers are local Tibetans. In addition, our drivers are very safe local drivers. As a responsible Tibet local travel agency for foreign travelers, we never arrange Chinese guides to introduce our homeland rooted culture and Buddhism and the daily life here in Tibet. What’s more, we have much wider Tibetan service scope in tourism. Many local Tibetan owned hotels joined our sub brand of and sell their rooms directly. Our cooperation scope keeps increasing not only in Tibet but also in China. This help greatly decrease your hotel budgets. If you want to support Tibet local, it is better to book things with local. And you get one on one English speaking consultancy support.

All in all, we are a pro-Tibetan and responsible local Tibet travel agency and tour operator here in Lhasa. We are quite open-minded, and we also support international travel agents, tour leaders, and famous Chinese travel agents and tour operators from China. We are more than happy to welcome your cooperation with mutual and bilateral growth in mind.

Thanks for reading the article above. Tony authored this article before Tibetan new year, 2018. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by [email protected]. Check out more about reputable Tibetan owned travel agency and tour operator.

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