3 Tibetan Restaurants To Try In Lhasa
The Five Hottest Restaurants To Try While In Lhasa Tibet

Tibetan cuisine is as rich and mysterious as its history. There is no shortage of places to enjoy food in its capital city, Lhasa. Here are the 3 hottest Tibetan restaurants we think you shouldn’t miss.


tibet restaurant guangming

Guangming Teahouse

This Tibetan restaurant is famous for the sweet tea, a modern variation of the traditional Tibetan butter tea. It is a wonderful place to both taste the delicious drink and interact with the locals. This venue is only steps away from Jokhang Palace. It is a must stop for those who want to recharge before new adventures begin. 

tibet restaurant xueyu

Xueyu Restaurant

Also located near Jokhang Palace, Xueyu Restaurant presents you the opportunity to experience the most authentic Tibetan cuisine. You will find everything from Tsamba to barley wine to roasted lamb in this Tibetan restaurant. You will want to indulge yourself this once, but only in the best that Tibet has to offer. Also, remember to try the yogurt cake and potato bun. There is nothing like them.   

tibet Lhasa restaurant yogurt

Qianzhan Yak Yogurt

Situated near the west parking lot of Potala Palace, this venue is visited by a large number of locals and tourists alike. The yogurt is thick and pure, and comes in different natural flavors. If it is too sour, simply add some sugar. The shop put many photos of past visitors on the wall for decoration, which makes it an interestingly meaningful place for fellow travelers to connect with each other.

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