Sand Mandala, a Religious Art of Tibet Buddhism

Sand Mandala

Monks use colourful sand to construct the sand Mandala. It is very unique religious art of Tibet Buddhism and people believe it has purification and healing function. Normally, a teacher choose a specific topic of mandala that need to be created. Then, the monks begin to construct the sand mandala by consecrating the site with sacred chants and music.

A group of monks work together from days to weeks to construct one sand mandala with millions of grains of coloured sand. After completion, the mandala is consecrated.


Sand mandalas transmit positive energy to the surroundings and to the people who view them. During the construction process, the Buddhist monks chant and meditate to invoke the energies of the deities residing within the mandala. They also ask deities to give healing blessings to the mandala. When the mandala is finally finished, the monks sweep it up to destroy it. They throw the rest of the sand into the nearest living stream. The stream later swept into ocean in order to bless the whole world.


The reason why monks destroy the mandala is because the underlining meaning of mandala that nothing is permanent. Nothing stays forever.

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