Sha Momo, the Most Beloved Snack for Tibetan
Delicious local Tibetan food, momo.

Sha Momo, also called meat dumplings, is the most popular food in Tibet. Generally, Sha momo is made from yak meat. However, outside Tibet, people also use beef, chicken or vegetables as the filling of Momo. Here, we are going to introduce this beloved delicious food in Tibet.

“Every home has their unique momo recipe.” A local people said. “Even though they look alike, but they have different taste.”

Tibetan people use seasoned food material to make their own momos. Typically, there are two shapes of momos, the Round momo and the Half-Moon momo. The only difference between these two momos is their shape. The filling of momo includes yak meat, garlic, onion, soy source, pepper source, ginger and sometimes Chinese celery. After steaming the momos, you can enjoy the juicy and delicious innards. If you have tasted Xiao long bao before, you will find they have the similar taste.


Here is the recipe of making Sha Momo, 

  • Making the dough by using wheat flour and water.
  • Choosing different materials to make the filling, with meat and seasoned vegetables.
  • Putting the filling into the dough and shaping the momos with your hand.
  • Boiling water and steaming the momos.

 it is very simple, and you can try it in your own kitchen.

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Enjoy your cooking time.

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