My Trip to Shigatse

Shigatse Tour

In the morning, we woke up at around 9 am and then we stepped on the car to Shigatse.

During the trip, our first destination is Yarmdrok Lake (4,441 m). As one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, Yamdroktso locates at the Nangartse County of Shannan Region. It is only 70 Km far from Lhasa, so it did not take a long time for us to reach there.


As the car drove from low altitude to high altitude, the altitude sickness recurred to us again on the way to Yamdroktso. However, the breathtaking view later made us think it is worth for illness. The lake was so blue, we did not even believe it is real. Also, there are mountains surrounded the lake, with blue sky without cloud and fresh breeze.


After relaxing and taking pictures for about one hour, we started driving to Shigatse. There were many yaks and farmers alongside the way. The landscape on the way to Shigatse was gorgeous. We stopped several times to take pictures. In the afternoon, we finally arrived at Shigatse city. We first visited a famous monastery here, Tashilhunpo Monastery.


Tashihunpo Monastery is one of the six big monasteries of Gelugpa in Tibet. It is founded by the first Dalai Lama in 1447, later it was expanded by the Dalai Lamas. There are three main structures here, namely the Maitreya Chapel, the Panchen Lama’s Palace and the Kelsang Temple.


After vising the monastery, it is almost night. So, we chose to eat at a local restaurant (not tasty) and then we back to the hotel and prepared for our tomorrow’s trip to EBC.


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