Sichuan Tibet Railway under Intensive Construction
Sichuan Tibet Railway, Construction from Chengdu

Sichuan Tibet Railway Latest News-Intensive Construction from Both Ends

From the beginning of 2017, the construction of Sichuan Tibet Railway has been busily going on from Chengdu to Ya’an. For this part, there are 26 bridges and 7 tunnels under construction. So, there are many difficulties and it is the epic project in the world. Meanwhile, the Lhasa to Nyingchi part is under intensive construction. The construction means that Sichuan Tibet Railway is speeding up from both ends, Chengdu and Lhasa. Since the railway is estimated to finish in 2025, for travellers to Tibet, they will have another option for taking the train to Lhasa besides the popular Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Therefore, it will be more convenient if you travel to Tibet from Chengdu than other cities in China.

Sichuan Tibet Railway, Construction from Chengdu
Sichuan Tibet Railway from Chengdu

About Sichuan Tibet Railway

The total length of Sichuan Tibet Railway is 1,629 kilometers. And the speed can reach 200 km/h, resulting about 13 hours from Chengdu to Lhasa.The plan of building Sichuan Tibet Railway had been conceived in the 1950s and professionals started to choose the route in 1990s. Through such a long time, in 2014, workers started to build it officially. The project is very hard to finish because it will climb so many high mountains between Sichuan and Tibet. And between these mountains, there flows many famous rivers like Dadu River, Yarlung River, Jinsha River, Lancang River and Nu River. Thus, the height difference is so high between ridges and valleys. And the highest difference can achieve 3,000 meters.

Although the construction is under huge pressure, the building of Sichuan Tibet Railway has significant meaning. For example, it can boost the tourism in Garze Prefecture of Sichuan Province and Qamdo Prefecture in Tibet. Along the way, the tourism resources are extremely rich for more exploration. And the railway can facilitate travellers to visit all the highlight attractions. In addition, Sichuan Tibet Railway will promote the economic cooperation for Sichuan and Tibet because it can effectively combine other provinces in China, such as province in East China. Moreover, it will strengthen the relationship with South Asia via the trade passage between China and South Asia.


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