Sichuan-Tibet Railway Kangding to Nyingchi Section Will Start Next Year
Sichuan-Tibet Railway

Sichuan-Tibet Railway

The construction of Sichuan-Tibet railway has a new breakthrough. As Kangding to Nyingchi section has been listed into the 2018 starting plan, the construction is expected to be completed in seven and a half years which means in 2025.

Sichuan-Tibet Railway is the second ‘Heaven Road’ after the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. The line starts from Chengdu, Ya’an, Kangding, Sichuan province and Qamdo, Nyingchi, Shannan prefecture to the ending city, Lhasa. Moreover, the total length of Sichuan to Tibet railway is 1629 km. The construction of the whole railway started in Dec. 2014. Therefore, after about 2 more years of hard working, the Kangding to Nyingchi section (Qamdo section) is the last section of the whole line. And it is the most difficult part of the project. This railway not only connected northwest Sichuan tourism circle with Tibet, but also became an important channel in the southwest China.

The construction of the Railway is also a requirement for the development of tourism resources along the line. As an important channel to Tibet, the Sichuan-Tibet Railway is of great significance to promote tourism in Tibet.

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