Stone Pot Cooked Chicken, Delicious Tibetan Cuisine in Nyingchi

Stone Pot Cooked Chicken

If you once travelled to Nyingchi, Tibet, you may never forget the delicious taste of the stone pot cooked chicken.

This chicken soup is full of nutrients that all the main materials and ingredients are from local. Local Tibetan stock the chicken. They grow in a pollution-free area and feed with green grass. These chicken have great meat quality, rich protein and low fat content. Some materials, like Ginseng, Dangshen, and conic gymnadenia tubers are unique in Nyingchi. The chicken soup also has many other spices, such as lily root, red dates, yam slices and coix seed, etc.

The stone pot is also very unique that the original material of the stone is scarce natural steatite on the cliff of Brahmaputra River. Local Tibetan usually cut rock into stone pot by using original toll during July and August when the weather is allowable. The stone contains zins, calcium and other micro-elements which are health for human bodies. It is said often eat food cooked with the stone spot can cure some diseases, for example, heart disease and hypertension.

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