Tibet infrastructure construction is under great investment in 2017. The investment amount can reach about 201 billion yuan, which is huge for regional development.

According to Nyingchi Tourism Bureau, 2017 Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival will open on March 23. The blossom period is from March 15 to April 20.

In 2017, local government in Markam County will develop tourism to welcome 2018 Tea Horse Ancient Road Tourism Festival. It will build a five-star hotel with SPA service in the nearby town to attract more tourists for better travel experience.

From the beginning of 2017, the construction of Sichuan Tibet Railway has been busily going on from Chengdu to Ya’an. For this part, there are 26 bridges and 7 tunnels under construction.

As the director of Namtso Lake resort introduced, normally it would snow regularly on October. And he estimated that in the end of December 2016 and around January 2017, Namtso Lake will start to freeze.

Tibet Travel Permits Application is the first thing travelers should consider before Tibet Travel. Information and application ways about permits.