Lhasa Group Tours with Tibet Travel Expert have many options. Since there are a lot to see in and around Lhasa, we provide you with different short-day routes. So you can combine them flexibly into one package as you like.

If you ask me about local sweet tea house in Tibet, I will definitely recommend Guangming Sweet Tea House for you in Lhasa. Located in Zang Yiyuan Road in Lhasa, Guangming Sweet Tea House has a long history for more than one hundred years.

Norbulingka, which means Treasure Garden in Tibetan language, is located in the west side of Lhasa, near the southwestern Potala Palace. It is the largest artificial garden in Tibet, covering an area of about 89 acres. As part of the “Historic Ensemble of the Potala Palace”, Norbulingka is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jokhang temple is such a stunning piece of Tibetan architecture and unlike the Potala Palace, you can admire and photograph its gilded roof, buildings and bells right from outside. You must climb to the top roof to get some amazing pictures of the stunning views of Potala Palace in the far distance and the whole Jokhang Temple.

Barkhor,in some ways it could be compared to old towns of European cities however with a sacred pilgrimage track added to it.Taking a Tibet travel is an unforgettable experience in one’s life, the Barkhor Bazaar provides me a new lifestyle which makes me impressive.