Potala Palace is a must-see Tibet attraction whose wonder has been capturing travelers’ imaginations. Tibet Travel Expert (www.tibetctrip.com) is giving travelers a preview of what’s in store for you and help you visit Potala Palace without any hassle! Potala Palace is one of Tibet’s top must-see cultural sites. It has been capturing travelers’ imaginations as it takes them on an adventure through Tibetan history. Potala Palace’s highest point is at

Tibet, an autonomous region of China, is on the roof of the world. This land attracts numerous travelers from domestic and abroad each year with its remaining traditional Tibetan culture, great Tibetan Buddhism atmosphere and stunning landscape views even though it has relatively high altitude.

Lalu Wetlands is located in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region. Known as the ‘the lung of Lhasa’, Lalu Wetlands is also the “the big oxygen bar” of Lhasa. Like usual, the first ray of sunshine in the morning awakes the water in the Lalu Wetlands, reflecting the early winter color with golden and red leaves, blue sky and yellow grassland.

November 14, 2016 was the day that moon reached its closest point to the Earth and appears much bigger than other time. It is said that the full-moon represents the happiness and fullness of family and love story, therefore, many people would love to appreciate the super moon with their loved ones.

Local people repaint Potala Palace at the end of this October. In this period, the rainy season was coming to an end. So people started the annual Potala Palace repainting activity.

We know summer is the high season of travelling in Tibet for the warm weather and festivals, but here we are going to introduce the benefits of travelling to Tibet in low seasons.