5 Tibet travel destinations that have been this year’s most popular Travelers who have planned a tour of Tibet agree that there is no shortage of breath taking and awe-inspiring tour destinations, however choosing between them can be difficult. To help travelers get started Lhasa based Tibet travel agency and tour operator-Tibet Travel Expert Service TTES has released a list of top 5 Tibet travel destinations of this year’s most

Tibet Travel Permit Now Being Issued Recently, the ban on foreigners in Tibet has been lifted. With the new Tibet travel permit regulations, following three simple steps and keeping in mind a few additional details makes getting a permit an easy process. Even with constantly changing restrictions on travel to Tibet, obtaining a Tibet travel permit is a straightforward process. Although the ban on foreigners in Tibet was recently lifted,

When you are planing a Tibet tour, you may feel lack of local information from Tibet. So you may just rely on the famous and reputable Tibet travel guide book “The Lonely Planet Tibet Guide Book”. Additionally you may rely on the TripAdvisor reviews. You are partially right and here below Tony from local Tibet travel agency will share with you the insights. To check out information from TripAdvisor or

Tibet Travel Permits Application is the first thing travelers should consider before Tibet Travel. Information and application ways about permits.

Tibet is a holy land full of miracles and fantasy. For foreign travelers, they need to contact a reliable local Tibet travel agency to help them with Tibet travel permits.

Tibet has always been the dream destination for tourists around the world. And with convenient transportation and open market, there appears numerous Tibet travel agencies. So it can be difficult to choose from them. Thus, here we list some main points of how to choose a reliable Tibet travel agency. Hope the information can help you make a wise decision and enjoy the Tibet tour. Abundant Years of Experience– A