Tibetan cuisine is as rich and mysterious as its history. There is no shortage of places to enjoy food in its capital city, Lhasa. Here are the 3 hottest Tibetan restaurants we think you shouldn’t miss.   Guangming Teahouse This Tibetan restaurant is famous for the sweet tea, a modern variation of the traditional Tibetan butter tea. It is a wonderful place to both taste the delicious drink and interact

If you ask me about local sweet tea house in Tibet, I will definitely recommend Guangming Sweet Tea House for you in Lhasa. Located in Zang Yiyuan Road in Lhasa, Guangming Sweet Tea House has a long history for more than one hundred years.

Lhasa Kitchen Lhasa Kitchen address: NO.3 Minchi Chang Easet Road, Lhasa, Tibet  The famous Lhasa Kitchen, also named as Lasa ChuFang, is hot for its prominent location that is just located opposite the Jokhang Temple, at the center of Bahkor Street. If you choose to dine here, please be prepared that this place is full of tourists. But, anyway, it is still a nice option if you are just in that

Since recommended by Lonely Planet, Tibetan Family Kitchen now is the top 1 restaurant in Lhasa on Trip advisor. Small and busy, this family kitchen provides authentic local Tibetan food and cooking classes as well.