Tibet, an autonomous region of China, is on the roof of the world. This land attracts numerous travelers from domestic and abroad each year with its remaining traditional Tibetan culture, great Tibetan Buddhism atmosphere and stunning landscape views even though it has relatively high altitude.

Introduction of Basum Tso Lake Basum Tso Lake is a holy lake of Nyingmapa located in Nyingchi. Also, it has the name of Tsogao Lake, which means green water in Tibetan. The lake area is more than 6 thousand acres. And the surface altitude is 3,538 meters. The scenic spot includes snow mountains, lakes, forest and temples. And the landscape is very beautiful all the year round. So it has the reputation of “Little Switzerland”. In 1994, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) listed it as a

Kaamo Tsangpo Valley is located at Kaamo Tsangpo between Tingri County and Dinggye County. The west of the valley reaches the east of Mr. Everest and the south of the valley reaches Balong National Park in Nepal.

If you ask me about local sweet tea house in Tibet, I will definitely recommend Guangming Sweet Tea House for you in Lhasa. Located in Zang Yiyuan Road in Lhasa, Guangming Sweet Tea House has a long history for more than one hundred years.

Many tourists want to explore more about Tibetan history and culture after visiting some historical sites, therefore it is worthwhile to enjoy the Princess Wencheng Cultural Performance.