The challenges of adjusting to day-to-day life in a foreign country can lead to fun filled adventures. However, trouble accessing or using money is certainly not one of those fun filled challenges. To help travelers avoid money related hassles, Lhasa based Tibet travel agency Tibet Travel Expert Service-TTES ( share some new travel tips. Many travel Tibet to immerse themselves in a place drastically different than the one they come

All foreign travelers who wants a Tibet tour ask one same question: How much is Tibet Travel Permit? Can I get Free Tibet Travel Permit? We understand the concern of travelers. Thus, as a responsible Tibet travel agency, we will tell you the truth about it.

In order to help foreign visitors have better travel experience in Tibet, we recommend 5 useful Tibet travel Apps. They can help you find hotels, itineraries, group tours, flight or train tickets, etc.

How to get Tibet Travel Permit is the main concern for foreign travellers before they go for a Tibet tour. Because of the political sensitivity, the permit is necessary for a foreign tourist to enter Tibet.

April is the first month for foreign travelers to have a Tibet tour. From February 27 to the end of March, Tibet is closed for foreigners. So, if you want to come to Tibet early, April is your first choice. Here we offer some useful April Tibet Travel Tips.

Many people want to explore Tibet with cheaper price and flexibility. But facing some sky-high prices in the market, some tourists may feel confused. However, you can achieve your Tibet travel dream with budget prices right now!

For a Tibet tour, every foreign tourist may ask a question: How early should I book a Tibet tour? You may think it needs a long time. However, the procedure is not that long and complex.

Travelling to Tibet is the dream tour for every ambitious traveler around the world. Due to the high altitude, how to enter Tibet can be a big question for many travelers, especially those who come to Tibet for the first time. So, here we collect some top gateway cities to Tibet.