Lhasa is both the holy city and gateway city in Tibet. As the largest and most important city in Tibet, Lhasa attracts numerous domestic and foreign tourists each year. You may want to know more information before arrival, here we collect the most useful tips for you. Hope they will help you have an easy Lhasa tour.

Located in Tidrum village from 73km northeast of Mozhu Gongka County in Lhasa, Tidrum Hot Spring is the most famous hot spring in Tibet. Some people even call it the best hot spring in the world.

Kaishi is one of the most sacred mountains in the world. This mountain locates in the western plateau of Tibet, China. The mountain is about 6, 656 m above the sea level and it gives life to four grand rivers, namely, Shiquan River, Maquan River, Xiangquan River and Kongqu River.

When travelling to Tibet, Lhasa is always the first stop for travellers to acclimate and find suitable transportation to other destinations. It is known as the city of sunshine as it has sunshine more than 3000 hours a year. Lhasa also owns most of the highlights in Tibet, such as the marvellous Potala Palace and the sacred Jokhang Temple, etc

Tibet has always been the dreamland for mountaineers. Because it has many marvellous snow-covered mountains, including  the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest and Namjagbarwa Peak, etc.   Features: Mount Namjagbarwa (7,782) is the highest mountain in Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet. It  ranks as world’s 15th highest peak. In Tibetan language, the mountain’s name Namjagbarwa means ‘spear piercing into sky’. The mystique surrounding of this mountain attracts numerous mountaineers to explore this

Tibet, an autonomous region of China, is on the roof of the world. This land attracts numerous travelers from domestic and abroad each year with its remaining traditional Tibetan culture, great Tibetan Buddhism atmosphere and stunning landscape views even though it has relatively high altitude.

If you want to find a place with massive primitive forest and wild rhododendron, I will recommend Lulang Forest in Nyingchi, Tibet for you. It is an area of plateau forest with a length of 15 km and a width of 1 km.

Introduction of Basum Tso Lake Basum Tso Lake is a holy lake of Nyingmapa located in Nyingchi. Also, it has the name of Tsogao Lake, which means green water in Tibetan. The lake area is more than 6 thousand acres. And the surface altitude is 3,538 meters. The scenic spot includes snow mountains, lakes, forest and temples. And the landscape is very beautiful all the year round. So it has the reputation of “Little Switzerland”. In 1994, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) listed it as a

Sangmu Village is famous for its song and dance and it is called “Home of Tibetan Song and Dance” in Lhasa area. There are many folk artists actively performing in the village. The handicraft of making of wool carpets is a characteristic of this village.