Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS (www. tibettravelexpert.com) offers half day trek with guide and transport to Drak Yerpa Hermitage. This excursion outside of Lhasa city is available as a part of our customized Tibet tours. General Info of Drak Yerpa Hermitage Drak Yerpa is located on a hillside in Dagzê County of Lhasa. The entrance to the Yerpa Valley is about 16km northeast of Lhasa on the northern bank of the

Rich with picturesque high-plateau landscapes, colourful Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, and world-famous historical sites, Tibet trip packs many kinds of element into one! Tibet is a place drastically different from where you come from. For a smooth and enjoyable experience, we suggest travelers to plan in advance. And take time to learn as much about Tibet as possible. To help travelers make informed travel decisions, the local Lhasa-based travel agency, Tibet

Tibet is a place drastically different from many of its visitors’ home countries. Taking time to learn about Tibet before visiting goes a long way. It will  help travellers maximize the value of their Tibet trip. To help travelers adequately prepare for their Tibet trip, Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS (www.tibetctrip.com) has 5 facts every traveler should know! Now that the Tibet travel season is in full swing, it’s time to

Tibet trip is an experience that rewards travelers in terms of cultural discovery and opportunities for enjoying stunning mountain scenery. To help travelers with their Tibet trip planning, this travel review provides honest, objective, and up-to-date information of 2018 Tibet Travel Review. Many travelers agree that a Tibet trip is one of the most rewarding travel experiences they’ve ever had. Unforgettable scenery and cultural experiences await travelers who make the

The selection under the ‘comprehensive coverage, obvious characteristics’ principle has picked out a total of more than 200 kinds of top rated tourism snacks. Among them, the ‘Shigatse Pengbi’ and the ‘Tibetan intimate trekking cookies’ were on the list.