Sangmu Village is famous for its song and dance and it is called “Home of Tibetan Song and Dance” in Lhasa area. There are many folk artists actively performing in the village. The handicraft of making of wool carpets is a characteristic of this village.

Tunba village locates 200km west of Lhasa. It is the home of TIbetan language because Tunmi Sangbuzha was born here. He is the founder of Tibetan language.

Mutuo is one of the most mysterious places in Tibet belonging to Nyingchi Prefecture. There are vast land of forest, high mountains and lakes in Mutuo. So it is also called “Tibetan Xishuang banna”.

Laigu Village was recommend as one of the most beautiful villages in Tibet for its breathtaking Laigu Glacier views. The village is just located on the foot of the Laigu glacier, surrounded by six marvelous glaciers and Rawo Lake in Baxio Town of Qamdo area, Tibet.