Take A 16-Day Grand Pilgrimage Tour in Tibet

It is the dream of many travelers to one day visit Tibet. The rich history and exotic landscape of Tibet has made it a fantastic destination. Once you begin to plan your trip to Tibet, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of attractions there are. You could also be lost in all the information coming your way. Therefore, we decide to put forward for you an introduction of the classic 16-Day Grand Pilgrimage Tour in Tibet. It is a long tour that covers all the major Tibetan landmarks favored by past visitors. Maybe you are only interested in a portion of it. Maybe you want to book the whole tour immediately. Either way, our goal is for you to have the kind of valuable and personalized Tibetan tour you always want.

Day 1-4: In And Around Lhasa

After arriving in Lhasa, you will spend quite some time exploring the beautiful capital of Tibet, Lhasa. Situated at an altitude of 3490m (11450ft), it is the political, cultural and economic center of the Tibetan region. After taking good rest on your arrival night, you will first of all visit some of the world renowned attractions in downtown Lhasa. These include the magnificent Potala Place, important religious sites such as Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Ganden Monastery, and also various popular points of interest like Barkhor Street and Lhasa Carpet factory. On the 4th day, you will start to venture into the mountain ranges outside Lhasa. You will encounter the rather stunning holy lake of Yamdrok-Tso and Karola Glacier. You will also visit Pelkhor Chode Monastery in Gyantse that houses the most important Tibetan paintings in Kumbum Stupa, as well as the majestic Gyantse Dzong.  

Day 5-7: Mt. Everest

You will catch your first glimpse of Mt. Everest when you pass Gyatso La (5220 m). Before that, you might visit the especially magnificent Tashilhunpo Monastery and Sakya Monastery. You will stay one night at the Everest Base Camp, where you could take in as many great views as we can, including the surreal sunrise and sunset, while also doing some trekking the in area. Near the Mt. Everest base is Rongpuk Monastery, where there are nuns and monks live together. On your way out, you will pass Lake Peikutso as well as Gyirong town, which currently is the only gateway from Tibet to Nepal. Travel tips: for foreign travelers who do not have time to visit Kailash but want a cheaper Everest group tour, welcome to join 8 days Everest Base Camp Group Tour

Day 8-12: Lake Manasarovar and Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage Tour

You will travel the vast Tibetan Plateau to arrive in the Ngari area of western Tibet. You will get ready to explore the two holiest sites in Tibet: Lake Manasarovar and Mt. Kailash. Pilgrims believe that the lake water can purify their souls. Furthermore, the pilgrimage trek around Mt. Kailash is their most important ritual in their life. The trek is usually done in three days, while the total covered distance is 52km. As a result, you will see all four stunning faces of Mt. Kailash during the trek along with important stop points such as Dira-Puk Monastery and Zuthul-Puk Monastery. For many visitors, this will be one of the most profound travel experiences in a lifetime.

Day 13- 16: Back to Lhasa and Onward

It takes a few days of driving before you can return to Lhasa. Therefore, you can make up all the remaining interesting spots that you miss the first time. To choose an alternative route to go back to Lhasa, you should definitely try the Northern Scenic Road due to its unique landscape. There, you will pass through rural Tibetan villages as well as hot springs. After your final moments in Lhasa, you will have countless memories of Tibet that you can cherish and share on your future adventure.



Day 1: Lhasa Arrival, Acclimatization

Day 2: Lhasa Sightseeing: Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Sera Monastery

Day 3: Lhasa Sightseeing: Potala Palace, Norbulingka

Day 4: Lhasa –Yamdrok-tso – Karola Glacier – Gyantse (4040m)- Shigatse (3840m) 360km

Day 5: Shigatse –Sakya Monastery – New Tingri (4300m) 240 Km

Day 6: New Tingri – Everest Base Camp (5150m) 120 km

Day 7: Everest Base Camp –Gyirong – Lake Peikutso – Saga (4600m) 330km

Day 8: Saga – Yarlung Tsanpo River – Lake Manasarovar (4560m) 480 km

Day 9: Lake Manasarovar – Darchen (4670m) 60 km

Day 10: Mt. Kailash Trek Day 1: Darchen – Dira-Puk Monastery (5050m) 20 km, 5-6 hours

Day 11: Mt. Kailash Trek Day 2: Dira-Puk Monastery – Zuthul-Puk Monastery (4790m) 18 km, 6-8 hours

Day 12: Mt. Kailash Trek Day 3: Zuthul-Puk Monastery- Darchen 14 km, 3-4 hours

Day 13: Darchen – Saga 490 km

Day 14: Saga – Shigatse 450 km

Day 15: Shigatse – Lhasa 340 km

Day 16: Departure Day in Lhasa 

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