Tibet Airlines Adds 7 New Air Routes

Seven New Tibet Airlines routes

Good News! In order to better satisfy the demands of travelers, Tibet Airlines is planning to make adjustment to airline layout. For example, it will open seven new air routes, including Lhasa-Xining-Qingdao, Lhasa-Lanzhou-Qingdao, Chengdu-Jinan, Kunming-Tianjin, Chongqing-Changsha, Guiyang-Lanzhou, and Nyingchi-Chongqing-Shenzhen.


Changes of Flight Schedule and Time

Besides the seven new routes, Tibet Airlines will adjust the flight schedule to optimize passsengers’ travelling experience. For example, it will add one flight each day to Chengdu-Sanya airline because the supply is not adequate to the demand in the winter. What’s more,  the flight time will be golden time like morning and noon. For Chengdu-Shanghai airline, the airplane type will be adjusted to A330 wide-body aircraft in order to improve the comfort and entertainment of passengers. In addition, the Lhasa-Shenzhen airline will be adjusted to direct flight instead of previous connecting flight. As a result, the flight time will be only three hours for the destination. Also, Nyingchi-Chongqing-Shenzhen airline will replace the previous Nyingchi-Chengdu-Shenzhen airline to fit in with the passengers’ needs.


Some new flight schedules:

Lhasa-Xining-Qingdao: One flight for every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

TV9921, A319 type, Lhasa 16:25-18:40 Xining 19:20-Qingdao 22:10;

TV9922, A319 type, Qingdao 08:50-11:55 Xining 13:05-Lhasa 15:30


Lhasa-Lanzhou-Qingdao: One flight for every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

TV9932, A319 type, Qingdao 08:50-11:45 Lanzhou 13:15- Lhasa 15:30;

TV9931, A319 type, Lhasa 16:25- 18:30 Lanzhou 19:20-Qingdao 22:10


Chengdu-Jinan: One flight for every day

TV9929, A319 type, Chengdu 16:25-Jinan 18:40;

TV9930, A319 type, Jinan 21:50-Chengdu 00:30.


Kunming-Tianjin: One flight for every day

TV9935, A319 type, Kunming 14:15-Tianjin 17:30;

TV9936, A319 type, Tianjin 18:35-Kunming 22:15.


Chongqing-Changsha: One flight for every day

TV9905, A319 type, Chongqing 20:10- Changsha 21:45;

TV9906, A319 type, Changsha 22:30- Chongqing 00:05.



TV9927, A320 type, Guiyang 07:45-Lanzhou 09:50; One flight for every day.

TV9928, A320 type, Lanzhou 11:20-Guiyang 13:15. One flight for every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

TV9928, A320 type, Lanzhou 13:05-Guiyang 15:00. One flight for every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.


Source: Tibet Business Daily


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