Tibet Attractions: Famous Nature Attractions in Tibet
Tibet Attractions Famous Nature Attractions in Tibet-Yarlung Tsangpo River

Located in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Tibet is world famous for stunning natural landscapes like blue sky, snow-capped mountains, grand glaciers, sacred lakes, and of course yaks. Undoubtedly, as the paradise of photography, Tibet is also very attractive to trekking lovers. Everest Base Camp is always a hot trekking destination which will leave tourists an unforgettable memory. In “the Switzerland of the East”-Nyingchi, travellers will encounter charming sceneries of Yarlung Tsangpo River. For your convenience, here Tibet Travel Expert has selected a list of nature attractions in Tibet.

Tibet Nature Attractions: Attractions Name List & Entrance Tickets Fee (Reference Only)

Location Attraction Name List
(in English)
Attraction Name List
(in Chinese)
Admission Fee (Reference Only)
Lhasa 1 Charpori/Medicine Hill 药王山 20 RMB
2 Lalu Wetland National Nature Preserve 拉鲁湿地国家级自然保护区 Free
3 Lhasa River 拉萨河 Free
4 Namtso Lake 纳木错 120 RMB
5 Norbulinka 罗布林卡 60 RMB
Shannan /Lhokha 1 Karola Glacier 卡若拉冰川 50 RMB
2 Lhamo La-tso 拉姆拉错神湖 50 RMB
3 Yamdrok Lake/Yumtso 羊湖 120 RMB
4 YarluZangbu River 雅鲁藏布江 Free
Shigatse 1 Everest Base Camp 珠峰大本营 180 RMB
2 Gama Valley 嘎玛沟 Free
3 Gyantse Dzong/Gyantse Fortress 江孜古堡 60 RMB
4 Mount Cho Oyu 卓奥友峰 Free
5 Mount Everest/Mount Qomolangma 珠穆朗玛峰 179 RMB
6 Mount Shishapangma 希夏邦马峰 65 RMB
7 Nojin Kangsang Glacier 乃钦康桑雪山 Free
8 Peikutso Lake 佩估措湖 60 RMB
9 Rongpuk Glacier 绒布冰川 Free
10 Yarlung Tsangpo River 雅鲁藏布江 Free
Nyingchi 1 Basumtso Lake 巴松措湖 120 RMB
2 Bonri Mountain 比日神山 Free
3 Lulang Forest 鲁朗林海 15 RMB
4 Medog Nature Reserve 墨脱自然保护区 /
5 Midui Glacier 米堆冰川 50 RMB
6 Mount Namjagbarwa 南迦巴瓦峰 Free
7 Niyang River 尼洋河 Free
8 Segyi La Mountain 色季拉山 /
9 World King Cypress 世界柏树王园林 20 RMB
10 Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon 雅鲁藏布大峡谷 Free
11 Zayu Nature Reserve 察隅自然保护区 Free
Ngari 1 Donkar and Piyang 东嘎皮央 25 RMB
2 Lake Manasarovar/Mapangyuntso Lake 玛旁雍措神湖 150 RMB
3 Mount Kailash 冈仁波齐山 50 RMB
4 Pangong Lake 班公湖 30 RMB
5 Tsamda Forests 札达土林 Free
6 Zhari Namco 扎日南木错 Free
Nagchu 1 Changtang Plateau 羌塘高原 Free
2 Drolma Canyon 卓玛峡谷 Free
3 Geladandong Serac 各拉丹冬
4 Nyenchen Tangula Mountain 念青唐古拉山 Free
5 Purog Kangri Glacier 普若岗日冰川 300 RMB
6 Shenzha Nature Reserve 申扎自然保护区 Free
7 Tangra Yum Tso 当惹雍措 Free
Chamdo 1 Lhegu Glacier Free
2 Rawok Lake 然乌湖 Free

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