Tibet ,One of the World’s Best Areas in Environment
Landscape along the way

The Vice – Chairman of the Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region has stressed that Tibet is still one of the world’s best regions in environment.

Most of the areas in Tibet are still in a primordial state. Meanwhile a package of plans about Tibet environmental protection projects are taking shape, and soon starting to make improvements, the Chinese Academy of Science published yesterday. The government officials says that the quality of the air, water, soil and environment in Tibet Plateau remains in good condition. In the development of Tibet, the ecological protection will be put first, always keep the clear water and blue sky in this snow-covered plateau. In the near future, Tibet will become an eco-tourism hotspot which is the idea Tibet Travel Expert always sticking to. Preserving the native environment and local habitats insures the natural preservation needed for future generations of tourist to experience Tibet in real time. Furthermore establishing meaningful relationships between tourist and the Local Tibetan people offers mutual understanding of both cultures in which enhances respect for both tourist and host and thereby promotes future prosperity.

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