Foreign Travelers discover the value of Tibet budget tour 2019
Small size Tibet group tours

Small group size Tibet Budget Tour 2019

Lately, travelers have been discovering that Tibet budget tours are a great way to maximize the value of their trip without fronting the cost of a private tour in 2019. Often, when travelers think of budget tours they imagine large groups of people packed onto a crowded bus. To the relief of those looking to cut costs on their trip to Tibet, this is not always the case.

By limiting the size of travel groups to around 4-8 travelers Tibet Travel Expert Service-TTES ( is able to help cut travel costs without sacrificing all the comforts and flexibility of a private tour. Tibet budget tour options are available for many of TTES’s most popular itineraries. For example, the trek to Everest base camp, Kailash Manasarovar Pilgrimage, and 4-day Lhasa Culture tour.

Many kinds of travelers stand to benefit from budget tours by TTES. Travel groups visiting several countries on one trip can take a short 4-5 day tour. This way, they can save money for their next destination. Those seeking an in-depth Tibetan experience can take one of TTES’s trekking or overland adventures. They will not only cut costs but also enjoy making new friendships with travelers from all over the world. Whether a travel group consists of students, a few friends, or family, budget tours of Tibet may be the perfect travel solution.

TTES works to provide the most authentic experience possible. We always keep the travel group small. We also only employ experienced native Tibetan guides who are passionate about sharing where they come from. Travelling in Tibet is a fantastic getaway for many travelers. It is also a cultural experience that can yield valuable knowledge of Tibet and its people. With the Tibet travel season in full swing, travelers are advised to start planning and book Tibet tour now.

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