Tibet Ecosystem has changed little over twenty years
Tibet ecosystem is good

As reported from the News Travel Agency, the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CAAS) published “Tibet’s Ecosystem Security Barrier Protection and Construction Projects (2008-2014) Construction Effect Evaluation” Report in the news conference held by the State Council. The report showed that the main projects were processing smoothly and the main frame was preliminary constructed. CAAS has investigated over 10 project areas constructed from 1990 and collected about 1,300 samples in the past three years. They found that the overall plateau ecosystem was stable and the coverage of vegetation was increasing. From the past 20 years, the percentage of plateau ecosystem pattern change is below 0.15%. The sandy area is declining and the effect of Sand Control Project is remarkable. The area of sandy area is reduced by about 107 thousand hectares and the average annual reduction is about 15 thousand hectares. As a local Tibet travel agency, Tibet Travel Expert always care about the environment and try our best to reserve the primitive ecosystem. We hope through efforts from all sides, Tibet ecosystem can be preserved better.

Tibet Ecotourism-Responsible Tibet tourism with local Tibet travel agency
Tibet Ecotourism-Responsible Tibet tourism service with local Tibet travel agency

As based in Lhasa, our Tibet travel agency focuses on sustainable Tibet Ecotourism Growth 

  • Select Knowledgeable Tibetan tour guides and safe Tibetan drivers.
  • Build environmental & cultural awareness and respect to local Tibetan people.
  • Act positive Tibetan travel experiences for both visitors and hosts.
  • Provide direct financial benefits for conservation to local Tibetan society.
  • Recognize the rights and spiritual beliefs of the Tibetan People.
  • Minimize physical, social, behavioral, and psychological impacts in Tibet eco tour system.
  • Deliver memorable interpretative experiences that help raise sensitivity to our local political, environmental, and social climates.

Should you have any questions regarding Tibet tour, please feel free to contact our local Tibet travel agency.

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