China Funds 592 Million Dollars to Improve Tibet Education

Government aim to improve Tibet Education

According to Xinhua News, over 4 billion Yuan (592 million dollars) is earmarked to improve Tibet education status in some rural areas. The areas includes the agricultural area and pastoral area.


Tibet Education Status

There are more than 1,034 compulsory education schools in 74 counties and districts used funding to purchase study equipment, support renovation work, said the regional education department. These new equipment and study facilities has attracted more students and improved teaching quality.


Moreover, the rural areas start using the high-tech. For example, 42 teachers now are using electronic whiteboard to give Internet classes for 731 primary students in Maizhokunggar County.


Government is going to put over 6.7 billion Yuan from 2014 to 2018 in Tibet. This fund is for building schools, playgrounds,and purchase study facilities, such as computers, desks, chairs, beds, books and instruments, etc.

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